Being in Your 20’s and Already Wanting to Retire

I want to live by the sea and have a mini-farm and wear wellies every day and feel good. But can I do that?

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3 min readDec 14, 2020
Donegal, Ireland

Every day I spend most of my brainpower trying to distract myself from worrying about my future. Which career path will be the best, where will I “settle down”, finance, kids, you name it. Is it too much to want a nice paying career, yet live in a remote country location like a retired old couple? Until 2020, I didn’t think it was possible unless you had your own company and could work your own hours. Recently, this little thing called remote work has really made an impact on future working possibilities. Many people might be fed up with being home, but I think in the right circumstances, the benefits exceed the challenges it brings.

So, despite still being young, why can I not face the thought of a long working life? Who knows really. I dislike the idea of contributing to capitalism, the degradation of our planet, and the thought of working with absolute twats really. It’s a compilation of the lot that has led to my desire for early retirement. Anyone else feels the same? It possibly could just be me, but that’s alright too.

I grew up living in rural areas across Ireland and have lived in cities internationally for most of my adult life so far. It is nice having a shop or pub within walking distance to be fair, but I can, without doubt, say I prefer having the beach on my doorstep over high rise apartment blocks. My little country dream is to have a patch of land near the sea so I can raise two donkeys, a few chickens, and maybe a goat or two while also being able to swim in the ocean whenever I feel like it.

Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

I honestly don’t mind which country I actually live in, but Ireland just seems to have the ideal conditions for this type of life. I have found so many cheap country homes located beside the sea that with some fixing (and money if you have some lying around) could be any fancy home of your dreams.

If I am to make life seem manageable at the moment, then I am going to continue believing that having a nice career and living in a coastal country location is possible, and that brings me to my not so insightful top tip of today:

Dream. Have big dreams, have any dreams, just have dreams. The bigger they are, the higher you aim, and hey, maybe you’ll actually come close.

This incredible shift to remote working means that we can move out of a busy, over-priced, over-crowded city and live by the sea. We can create communities of young professionals with co-working spaces. The country pubs are no longer just a few grey heads but a bunch of people with only a few grey hairs. These are big possibilities that I personally look forward to.

To conclude, I know it’s not possible for me to retire right now. But it is possible to ignore the pressures of that typical life we all see in movies; getting the big job in the big city. There is hope for those who also want to live by the sea, ( and own a few chickens and goats) while still having a full-time career.

Don’t give up yet! The new era is coming.



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