The Secret To Living A Happy, Healthy, and Low-Cost Life in Ireland

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2 min readNov 25, 2020

Make the most of this beautiful landscape and improve your way of life.

Inishbofin, a natural haven off the west coast of Ireland.

It really isn’t all that much of a secret, but how come so few people are willing to give it a try?

There is more to life than living in a chaotic and overcrowded city. Better again, there is even proven positive physical and psychological health benefits from living in nature-rich, coastal locations (this picture already makes me feel calmer, imagine it being at your front door!). So why is there such a rush for young professionals to find the perfect, incredibly over-priced apartment in the city?

The most beneficial thing to come out of living through a pandemic is realising the endless possibilities that exist when we switch to remote working. All those hours saved that would usually be spent stuck in traffic! There is no longer an excuse to live in the city when a low-cost rural home can be yours for half the price. The contrast in housing prices is outrageous when you consider what you are getting in return. Take Dublin for instance. A three-bed house in Swords is currently on offer for nearly €400k and this includes a “spacious garden” aka, a few square metres of actual grass out the back. If we look even closer to the city, a lovely 4-bed home is on the market for an easy €1,375,000.

Now, depending on your income this may be affordable, but for the vast majority, and definitely, younger professionals looking for a first home, it is just not reasonable. So, let’s take a look at rural housing prices, and heck, let’s throw in a sea view.

Heading to Donegal along The Wild Atlantic Way, a property on lists a 3-bed property with unrestricted ocean views for €169, 695. Starting to see the difference? For something slightly less remote, let’s look to Connemara where a 3-bed property is currently going for €120,000 in Clonbur. Available to view on However, the odd tree might disrupt the ocean view on this one a little bit, but for 120k I think you’d let it slide.

There is no real secret to happiness, but knowing you’re getting value for money, surrounding yourself with blissful nature, and having the ocean at your backdoor doesn’t sound too bad does it? Reconsider life outside the city, and start to explore the magic that is rural Ireland.



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