Why You Should Live On One of Ireland’s Islands

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4 min readDec 8, 2020

Deciding where to live can be difficult, but living beside the sea is always a good choice.

Inishbofin Lighthouse

Have you ever dreamt of waking up to the blissful sound of the howling wind and the crashing waves? Are you looking for a calm, yet adventure-filled place to call home and maybe raise a family? Island life can provide the best of both worlds. Ireland has many beautiful islands that truly showcase the country’s spectacular natural landscape but they are also a place where you can leave the chaos of city life behind.

Let’s take a trip to Inishturk, Co.Mayo, and Inishbofin, Co.Galway to shed some light on why you should consider moving here.

Inishturk, Co. Mayo.

Why do they need you?

Inishturk is suffering from population decline and has a significantly aging population. With approximately only 60 full-time residents, this quaint and unspoilt gem is looking for people to join their community. St. Columba’s, the primary school, nearly faced closure due to a lack of numbers, and it would be the greatest loss to the community to actually see this happen. If the population continues to decrease on this unique island, a home, a culture, and a way of life will become a distant memory.

What is the solution? More people.

For more information on St. Columba’s during the pandemic, there is a lovely article and interview in the Mayo News. https://www.mayonews.ie/features/35905-island-life-goes-on-in-st-columba-s

Inishbofin, Co. Galway

From personal experience, I can say that not much can come close to life on Inishbofin. As my part-time home, this is a peaceful haven that I enjoy returning to every few months. I may be biased due to the amount of time I’ve spent here, but if you ask anyone who has visited this quaint rural island, I can guarantee they will say the same. Although there are only approximately 160 full-time residents, many people around the world consider Inishbofin a second-home. Every Summer this island attracts thousands of visitors, many of which end up coming back year after year to say hello to friends, listen to world-class music and enjoy the craic. The place has this magnetic pull that people find difficult to stray too far from.

Why do they need you?

While people have so much love for this island, again, the problem arises that the island is seen as a holiday destination and not a year-round home for many. There is an aging population, with a need for more young professionals and families to move to the area. The number of school students in the primary school is approximately thirteen. It would be heartwarming to see this number continue to grow.

There are many facilities available on this island which makes it even more attractive to live on. Multiple hotels operate seasonally and provide 6-months of potential work. There is also a seasonal café, and a museum and gift shop. For those of you who are interested in moving here full-time, the island boasts a post office, community center, sports hall, church, library, and a bar and restaurant. The Beach bar is the perfect cosy Irish pub to head to on a cold winter's day for a cup of tea or even a few pints and some food. These facilities will continue to thrive if there is a strong community behind them.

Island living

Life takes it’s own form when it comes to the idyllic islands along the coast of Galway and Mayo. If you are looking for natural adventure, a small community that will appreciate your contribution, and an escape from the mainland and city crowds, this is your ideal relocation.

Keep an eye out for my next posts where I will outline the advantages of living on one of Ireland’s islands in terms of finance, livelihood, education, and health!



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